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Double-texting is every guy’s worst nightmare, and you don’t want to come off as desperate or needy, because that’s so not you!However, please don’t get caught up in trying to play some sort of waiting game to reel him in.

But of course, when you feel that calling for a specific emoji, it’s okay to fall to temptation. Let him do the texting Flirting through texts doesn’t have to be some big puzzle.

“see you later” or, “talk to you soon” text that still somehow leaves him wanting more. And if he responds back, let him have the last word and leave him wanting more. Don’t overanalyze it There is nothing worse than the “k” kiss of death. Chances are he’s busy or he forgot to text you back.

Try to conclude it with the possibility of making future plans. It’s like a punch in the gut, and our world comes spiraling down around us. “Remember that guys often will respond to a text with a one-word or two-word answer.

Not to mention, boys basically speak their own language, so trying to decipher what the heck they’re saying via text is an uphill battle.

But there are a few tricks of the trade that make texting guys a little easier.

They are tempting and basically the perfect form of expressing your thoughts and feelings. The best way to keep a conversation going is by actually having things to talk about.

Ask him simple questions that will make him want to talk.

Giving him open-ended questions keeps the convo flowing, and he’ll enjoy answering them.

However, “remember, guys don’t multitask typically the way that women do, so don’t get upset about quick text messages,” Spira says. Know when to end it It can be hard trying to wrap up a conversation, but the first step is being able to realize when the convo is fizzling out.

“If you already have a texting relationship, sending a sweet text saying, ‘Hope you’re having a great day’ or, ‘thinking of you’ will cheer him up while he’s at work.

The reason I like to include the word ‘great’ is that most guys have a positive reaction to that word.

Boys aren’t usually as expressive as girls, and, “OMG cool!!!!!!