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While I agree that divorce does, in fact, harm families — especially when children are involved — and that the laws being so lax on it now are probably what causes so many marriages to fail, I do not agree that making it so difficult to get a divorce is a good idea.I know this sounds kind of odd, in the face of what I just said, but the reason is that it takes away power from both individuals.

One thing that many who did not agree with that said was that divorce does worse for marriage than allowing same-sex marriage would.Most anti-equality activists didn’t want to touch that.They mostly just said that yes, that was true, and that was why same-sex marriage shouldn’t be implemented, it would further weaken “traditional” marriage.If one could be assured that all, or at least the vast majority of marriages would not end up broken, I would be less alarmed by the idea that so many people are now wanting the implementation of covenant marriage, or at least for it to be an option. With the rates for divorce being what they are, I don’t think I’d want to take the chance. A lesbian couple could easily find themselves in such a position.I read an article the other day about a woman, for example, who was in a committed relationship with her partner.They didn’t want to come out against divorce completely, presumably because there are so many of their own — in their families, their friends, even congregations in their churches — who had been through a divorce.

Nobody wants to be told they might not be able to get out of a bad marriage should that marriage end up being a bad one, no matter how little they wish to admit it.

And, they didn’t want to come out in favor of it, either, because that went against the Bible they liked to beat others over the head with.

Well, I’ve just recently heard of a movement that changes that.

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Both Mr Kennedy, 12, and Miss Meikle-Small are no strangers to playing child leads after he played a young Nigel Slater in last year's autobiographical drama Toast and she a young Kathy in 2010 film Never Let Me Go, alongside Carey Mulligan.

There comes a point in some people’s marriages where they are just no longer happy.