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Additional squares were added during the late-18th and 19th centuries, and by 1851 there were 24 squares in the city.

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Interred in the square is Revolutionary War hero General Nathanael Greene, the namesake of nearby Greene Square.A square was established for each ward of the new city.The first four were Johnson, Percival (now Wright), Ellis, and St.The original plan resembles the layout of contemporary military camps, which were likely quite familiar to General Oglethorpe.The layout was also a reaction against the cramped conditions that fueled the Great Fire of London in 1666, and there is speculation that Oglethorpe's military studies had made him familiar with the similar layout of Beijing (or "Peking," as it was formerly spelled).The city of Savannah, Georgia, was laid out in 1733 around four open squares, each surrounded by four residential ("tything") blocks and four civic ("trust") blocks.

Once the four wards were developed in the mid-1730s, two additional wards were laid out.Typically, each square is intersected north-south and east-west by wide, two-way streets.They are bounded to the west and east by the south- and north-bound lanes of the intersecting north-south street, and to the north and south by smaller one-way streets running east-to-west and west-to-east, respectively.Greene died in 1786 and was buried in Savannah's Colonial Park Cemetery.His son, George Washington Greene, was buried beside him after drowning in the Savannah River in 1793.This arrangement is illustrated in the 1770 Plan of Savannah, reproduced here, and remains readily visible in the modern aerial photograph above.