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As the start of the tour grew closer, Pat’s medication was getting the symptoms under control and he was feeling much better. The band was in Japan doing promo when I got word that Pat would be joining us for the entire tour.All of this was coming together less than a month before the tour was to begin.

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They are incredible musicians and a real pleasure to work with.When I started mixing Mr Big in 2009, they were a straight forward rock and roll band, with only 25 inputs.No tracks, nothing hiding behind the curtain, what you see on stage is what you get- an amazing four piece band with four part harmonies.It was not looking good for Pat, he was exhausted, having tremors, and really feeling the effects of Parkinson’s.The first plan was for him to join us for only the Japanese leg of the tour and play in the Acoustic set.The plan was for myself and the backline techs to come in for the last two full days of rehearsal.

I find being at band rehearsal very beneficial, if the band actually rehearses. It gives me a chance to watch, listen, and make a lot of notes.

My FOH rack consists of 4 Empirical Labs Distressors– 3 for Bass guitar and 1 for lead vocal.

Also a TC M2000, TC voice doubler, and TC Helicon Voice Live Rack. I have never found another unit or plug in that works so well on anything and everything and I have long been a fan of TC Electronics reverbs.

The band kind of mixed themselves, everything just fit and had it’s place in the mix.

I would spend most of the show mixing the harmonies.

The bands original drummer (Pat Torpey) was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease earlier this year and at first felt his symptoms would leave him unable to perform well enough to do the tour.

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