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Zack boots up the computer and shows the video to Penny and Leonard.In it, Penny is clearly drunk, explaining why she doesn't remember making the video, and as she begins to tell Leonard in the video that she wants him to understand why she broke up with him, Sheldon knocks on her door.

Most of the time, it's the least attractive guys who complain the most about makeup.They believe that this tactic gives them more chances of scoring someone because a 33 years old woman shouldn't be expecting to date Nick Bateman but instead she should be thankful that a Nice guy gave her some attention because no other man would. They try to bring hotter men down by labeling them all as "Cheaters" and "Shallow" and "Jerks". Attractive, fit guys are not necessarily most likely to be cheaters.Even worse, unattractive older guys feel the most entitled to a younger "Hot girl" when they, themselves have nothing to brag about look-wise. Many average or even below average men are cheaters, I see this everyday with the number of times my girlfriends have been screwed over by "Nice Guys". Instead they want us to believe that Hot fit guys are cheaters and this is why us women (specially Hot women of course) should avoid them. Expecting a woman to spread her legs for you and jump in your arms because you say "please and thank you" makes you an opportunistic jerk. Even guys you like to call jerks because they're more successful are "Nice" too!After attempting to use Howard's computer to mine the bitcoin and quickly realizing that it's too slow due to all the "Asian science" (more commonly known as porn starring Asian ladies) that clogs his system, they move on to using Leonard's laptop.However, when Penny, still working at The Cheesecake Factory, tells him that she missed an audition because her computer is broken, he offers to let her have it since he was planning to get a new one anyway.No humor, no confidence, no looks, no career/money, no REAL LEGIT kindness and no ambitions. Listen honey, the dating world is competitive like any other world.

If you're really nice and have an amazing personality you wouldn't need to constantly remind everyone that you're a Nice Guy. Hot young women are more likely to be dating young hot men.

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She yells through the door at him that she's making the video and just wants Leonard to know that she left him because she liked him so much that she knew she'd end up marrying him, but she didn't feel ready for that step, so letting him go was the better option.

And then, because Penny was drunk, she passed out on the keyboard and, assumedly, woke up without remembering the video, which is why she never sent it to Leonard.

When they get to Zack's and begin talking to him, though, he admits that he's a big fan of snooping, and he looked at the video Penny made and left on the laptop after she broke up with Leonard.

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