Faq world of warcraft updating errors

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Don't worry if you don't see one.) Any of the above three actions also stops the notification icon from flashing.

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NOTE: GWX Control Panel has always been available as a stand-alone executable, but a convenient installer option is also available.

The program is available for download either as an installer or as a standalone executable, but I recommend using the installer for the following reasons: A note about upgrading If you use the GWX Control Panel installer, then upgrading from one version to the next is very simple.

Just follow the Important guidelines listed above and run the Gwx Control Panel Setup program.

If you do this from a Standard or Child user account, you will have to enter the password of an administrator user account in order to proceed.

Please see the troubleshooting guide for more information about the limitations of Standard and Child user accounts.

Here is a summary of the bits of information available here: When you enable GWX Control Panel's optional Monitor Mode, a new icon will appear in your notification area that will alert you if GWX Control Panel detects any unexpected files or settings that leave you vulnerable to Windows 10.

Once enabled, GWX Control Panel will start and quietly monitor your computer whenever you log in to Windows.

The installer creates some handy icons and enables seamless upgrades, but doesn't include any additional software. The goal of GWX Control Panel is to protect you from unwanted Windows 10 upgrades and notifications without disabling important or popular operating system features, and without requiring you to change the way you work with Windows.

Here are some specific ways GWX Control Panel helps you: You can always download the latest version of GWX Control Panel at the Ultimate Outsider Downloads page.

Under normal circumstances (when launching GWX Control Panel from one of the desktop or Start menu shortcuts, or when it loads in Monitor Mode), GWX Control Panel behaves the same for all Windows user account types: It doesn't need administrator permissions when it's just checking your current settings (Monitor Mode never needs administrator permissions).

Things get a little more complicated once you attempt to use GWX Control Panel for a system-level change that requires administrator permissions.

Note Version 1.6 of GWX Control Panel only enabled Monitor Mode on a per-user basis, which resulted in some confusing behavior for users running on Standard or Child accounts.