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Czech models dating - dating collection

“It is a lot of fun and feels much safer than internet dating,” says Anna, a 28-year-old English teacher who works in Prague.

“Nowadays, I prefer to meet women in the real world.” Speed Dating Quick, safe, and fairly painless, speed dating is on the rise.If you are looking for an English-language dating site specifically for Prague, is your best bet.The site provides video profiles, instant messaging, private messaging and information on singles´ events.“It´s a proactive way of increasing your odds,” explains Jana.Events have up to 40 singles and dates last three minutes each.The concept is that an equal number of men and women are put into a café or bar and given a series of ‘dates,´ each a few minutes long.

Women sit at small tables while the men rotate, moving to a new table when a bell rings. If two daters both express interest in each other they are told and contact details are exchanged.

If you do not meet someone your first event, you can attend a second for free.

Alternatively, First Sight runs events with 20 singles and dates that last five minutes; with the option to stay and chat after all the dates are over.

The site does not just include foreigners living in Prague but also Czechs and people planning to come to Prague in the future.

The Classified section (select ‘Personal´) is another useful way to meet other English-speakers living in Prague.

Picturesque views and beautiful places can be depressing if you have no one to share them with.