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Lives are being changed by the power of the Word of God.

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I have the privilege - and the joy - of proclaiming the Bible readings for daily Mass to tens of thousands around the world.

I know your […]Read More By: Luke Heffernan So, instead of wondering whether I needed to go to Mass, I began wondering whether I wanted to go to Mass.

In other words, did God give us the Mass because it truly makes our lives better?

In the Call Me Catholic Countdown, Peggy lists her top five favorite holy married couples who were both saints.

THE DATING PROJECT is a new non-fiction film from executive producer Steve Mc Eveety (The Passion of the Christ, Braveheart), produced by Paulist Productions, Mpower Pictures and Family Theater Productions that follows five single people, ages 18-40, as they search for authentic and meaningful relationships.

He was a member of the high school’s advisory from 1990 to 2011. Zwann’s daughter Elizabeth Zwaan Milne recalled his outsize personality and signature belly laugh. Zwaan loved the beach and the Poconos and enjoyed listening to Bruce Springsteen, playing golf, and going to Phillies and Eagles games with friends.

“You could pick him out of a dark movie theater immediately,” she said. His daughter said he didn’t miss a week of Mass, even bicycling every Sunday to St. He was a member of the Advisory Board at Villa Maria Academy High School, where his wife worked as director of special events and from which his three daughters graduated. “He had the uncanny ability to make the person he was talking to feel like the most important person in the room,” said Kathy Mc Cartney, Villa Maria’s director of advancement.

By: Sam Brebner Now, I don’t know if you’ve tried turning away from sin and being faithful to the gospel, but let me tell you, it doesn’t happen instantly. Read More By: Timea Zabo Going through a breakup is a painful experience of its own.

No one achieves Mother-Teresa-level-holiness overnight. It is confusing, crushing, and sometimes even paralyzing.

Zwaan had bonded over their shared background of being raised in large Catholic families and being reared “by tough nuns, and being street rats.” He said he and Mr.

Zwaan “shared many common memories of joyous childhoods.” Turner said he and Mr.

Joseph Roman Catholic Church in Sea Isle City, where the family owned a home. “He grew up in that lifestyle and instilled it in all of us,” Milne said. Zwaan grew up in Havertown, around the corner from Diane Logue, a longtime friend and schoolmate who would become his wife in 1985. “The world is a sadder place without the jolly, quick-witted, larger-than-life Brian Zwaan.” Milne found that tribute particularly poignant and accurate.