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Architectural/Historic/Cultural Significance The National Register nomination identified the importance and significance of the site and building under three Criteria.The property is noteworthy under Criterion A as it has significance to the cultural traditions of the Kumeyaay people and as a coastal archaeological site of great antiquity having traditional association with the Pacific Ocean.

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The site had substantial coastal bluff subsidence, native habitat concerns, and is listed as a Native American Sanctified Cemetery by the California Native American Heritage Commission.In addition, Historic Human Remains Detection Dogs, trained to identify the location of ancient remains, scouted the site on two separate occasions several years apart.The site contains a continuous six foot (approx.) deep cultural layer deposit with numerous intact inhumations dating back at least 10,000 years and millions of fragmented human remains.Existing historic elements were refurbished, such as fireplaces, ceilings, floors, tile, doors, and hardware.Rotted and deteriorated historic elements were reconstructed as needed, including windows, beams, posts, corbels, and front gate.In addition, the site contains the remains and grave goods of ancient ancestors as part of a state-recognized Sanctified Cemetery.

Identified and present at the property are data and multiple research issues fulfilling the requirements for significance under Criterion D.

This deposit, referred to as the cultural layer, required a creative approach to resolve rehabilitation issues while minimizing ground disturbance.

While the Executive Architect had actively employed archaeology as an aid to historic preservation for other projects, for this project the accompanying ground disturbance would have been untenable.

Constructing a wall using reinforced concrete piers was deemed the most sympathetic to the site with minimal ground disturbance.

Each pier caisson was hand dug by an archaeologist, under Native American monitoring supervision, to ensure no artifacts were uncovered.

The original residence was never intended to serve the overlapping criteria of private residence and public venue, and for 40 years had done neither effectively.