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He is nude, with a video camera positioned between his feet. A poster for the movie hangs above the man's head, which is shrouded with a white cloth.And a figure in dark clothing is standing next to him. Tyler Hadley's Killer Party: The Florida House Party Murders Seconds later, the figure gets up, and the bound man shifts slightly.

" Green thought to himself as he watched the video over and over. "Alerted by Green, hundreds of amateur detectives sat transfixed in front of their computers, watching the hooded figure play with the decapitated head, simulate sex with the torso and masturbate himself with a severed arm.

He begins repeatedly thrusting the object in downward motion into the captive's abdomen. One hundred times the dark figure stabs the naked man."Holy shit!

" Green thought to himself, watching on his i Phone.

"He really did it."Green, referred to here by his online alias, logged onto the private Facebook group that he and a few other intrepid citizen sleuths had launched in an attempt to catch the man behind a video titled .

Posted a year and a half earlier, that video showed a figure in a dark green hoodie suffocating two tabby kittens using a vacuum and plastic bag.

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Boyle scrolled through the comments, which featured short posts from horrified and disgusted users hoping to ID a man who'd posted a video to the forum that apparently showed him killing kittens.

Boyle thought, "Maybe I should watch this.'" So he clicked play, and saw a video of a human figure in a dark green hoodie asphyxiating two tabbies with a vacuum cleaner and a plastic bag. Steubenville: The Strange Saga of Online Vigilante Deric Lostutter"Shock.

"It's Luka."He got out of bed and opened the link on his computer so that he could view the video on a bigger screen.

He watched as the dark figure began dissecting the man, cutting off his head and arm."Holy shit," Green said again to himself.

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