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Speak to a National Cancer Institute health information specialist by calling 1-800-4-Cancer.The National Cancer Institute offers live, online assistance through its Live Help service.

Nicole Eggert claims her former Charles in Charge co-star Scott Baio sexually abused her for years starting when she was 14. Baio in a previous Facebook Live video says he is being falsely accused and says he and Eggert had a consensual relationship after she was over the age of 18.Use the American Cancer Society’s Resource Search to find a peer group in your area or call the American Cancer Society at 1-800-227-2345 for personalized assistance.The Cancer Survivors Network is an online community with more than 40 discussion boards where cancer survivors share their cancer-related experiences, support one another, and exchange practical tips.Whether you have these problems can depend on the type of treatments you receive, your age at time of treatment, and the length of time since treatment.Many women find it helpful to talk with their doctor or nurse about sexual problems they may have during and after treatment.We’re changing the way people think about transportation.

Not that long ago we were just an app to request premium black cars in a few metropolitan areas.

Your health care team needs to know how you’re doing. Be as specific as possible about the kind of help you need.

Peer groups offer a welcoming environment to share your feelings and experiences with people who are going through the same things.

Sexual feelings exist in everyone, even in times of poor health.

Even if your cancer is advanced and sexual intercourse might be too much to handle, you may still want or need to feel affection and physical closeness.

Learning about these issues will help you make decisions that are best for you.

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    The villages of Rockville Centre (up 391) and North Hills (up 272) added the most people to Long Island's village population last year, according to estimates released May 25, 2017, by the U. The list was released by the state Health Department on its website.