Tv3 dating program

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Tv3 dating program

It was originally envisaged that the channel would broadcast solely on cable and analogue MMDS, but it was later (1990) decided that the channel should broadcast on some terrestrial UHF transmitters similar to other Irish channels.Initially their signal coverage was much poorer than that of RTÉ but this has been largely addressed since the switchover to digital television.

The original broadcasting licence was granted to a consortium Tullamore Beta Ltd in 1990 (some of this consortium made up of Windmill Lane Productions and Paul Mc Guinness).Tara is a comedian and actress best known for her work on RTÉ’s Irish Pictorial Weekly -she’s also the woman responsible for the amazing Racist B&B skit. A spokesperson for TV3 said at the time that “the only issue” they’d had with Blind Date was needing more men. Applicants were asked to give quite a few details about their personal lives – including if they’d ever been married, and why their previous relationships didn’t work. TV3 is a commercial free-to-air television channel operated within Ireland by the TV3 Group operated by Virgin Media Ireland and owned by Liberty Global.It does not have a history of strong prime-time content; generally its home produced programmes consist of at least one independently produced programme, e.g.The Apprentice, a number of internal documentaries such as Ireland Undercover and a number of BCI licence fee-funded independent products such as School Run, Diary of... As of October 2009, TV3 claims to be the most watched television channel by people aged 15–24 years old. In reaction to this press release from TV3, RTÉ rebutted its claims stating that RTÉ One outdoes TV3 in far more demographic categories and that TV3's press release, "In terms of the selective audiences focussed upon by TV3 in their release, it's clear this is a recent phenomenon and only pertains to a narrow sub-demographic of young viewers in this country.In 2008, the TV3 Group produced a three-year strategy to increase the amount of homegrown productions on the channel.

Under its contract with the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (BCI), TV3 is required since 2008 to have 30% of its programming coming from Ireland though TV3 now produces 40% Irish produced content (most of this content comes from in studio productions such as Ireland AM and Xposé).

In 2010 TV3 announced a target of 50% Irish programming by 2012.

TV3 has also confirmed its plan to build a major new studio in 2011 which will be fully HD capable with audience capacity.

THERE WAS MUCH excitement earlier this year when TV3 announced their intentions to make an Irish version of Blind Date as part of their autumn lineup.

Could they possibly match the brilliance of the beloved original series?

Cable operators declined to drop UTV Northern Ireland from its line-up.

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