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In some societies many males die off by disease, murder and warfare.In many societies large proportions of males leave smaller towns to move into larger cities leaving behind a substantial excess of women.

There are two many example to the contrary for this not to be obvious and a potential issue.They often think that somewhere in the Bible it is banned and perhaps even recall sermons when Christian leaders have either directly condemned it or at least suggested that it was sinful if not come right out and say it directly.Often this is because we allow other people to do or Christianity for us.Still, a belief in monogamy doesn’t prevent many people from having extramarital affairs. This means challenging many of our most cherished beliefs about monogamy and affairs.It means questioning old assumptions and maybe even giving some of them up to the truth.Solomon had three hundred wives and seven hundred concubines, Kings 11:3. There are more cases like this in the Bible and there are even indications of the laws governing such liaisons.

The Old Testament had rules to regulate and limit its application in certain circumstances.Esau, Abraham’s grandson had three wives – Judith, Bashemath and Mahalath, Genesis , 28:9.Jacob, the father of the twelve tribes of Israel had Rachel and Leah, who were sisters and their servants Bilhah and Zilpah, Genesis 29, 30. Gideon whose name is now associated with the Bibles that are prominently distributed through hotel chains today, had 70 sons, “for he had many wives” – Judges .King David, one of God’s favorites, had many wives—Michal (Samuel ), Ahinoam, Abigail, Maacah, Haggith, and Eglah (2Samuel3) Of course there was Bathsheba in 2Samuel .David was condemned for this wife because he had committed adultery with Bathsheba.It is unreasonable to assume that all of these affairs are because of the failures and shortcomings of individual husbands and wives.