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There may be issues regarding unrequited love or breaking free from challenges that plague your current relationships.

The souls of people you loved or someone you have been in a relationship within the past often reinicarnate with you in your future lives.

It seems like you both had been running in circles around each other, always on the outskirts of each other’s lives, but never actually meeting.

Now that you’ve met, it’s like coming across someone that you’ve known before but haven’t seen for a very long time.

You feel like you’ve known this person before – somewhere, sometime, somehow.

While in that moment, you may not immediately think this is a person from your past life, but you feel certain this is not your first meeting.

One date was all it took and you’re both smitten with each other.

You look into each other’s eyes and this wave of familiarity washes over you.

While you talk, you look directly into each other’s eyes, and it doesn’t bother you in the very least.

You feel comfortable talking about everything and sharing your thoughts seem effortless.

- Changing something that comes in the way of you being able to establish loving and lasting relationships.

Dating someone you have shared a past life with can help uncover love issues from your past life.

There might be recollections of past life memories where you both were living in the same place, traveling in a foreign country together, or being in the same job.