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There is also no need to explain your thoughts or emotions, or to justify your opinions. You can’t explain how, but there are things you know and remember about each other intuitively.

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If you’re lucky, this past life love might just be the person that you’re dating now.If you’ve ever had this feeling with someone, then you know that it feels like coming home - simply because that’s exactly what it is.From the moment you laid your eyes on each other, you knew that something different had happened… But how can you tell for sure if the person you’re dating now is someone you’ve been in a relationship within your past lives?Knowing what the other person is going to say comes naturally to both of you.With the way you’re finishing each other’s sentences - it’s like you’re sharing a similar train of thought.You feel like you’ve known this person before – somewhere, sometime, somehow.

While in that moment, you may not immediately think this is a person from your past life, but you feel certain this is not your first meeting.It seems like you both had been running in circles around each other, always on the outskirts of each other’s lives, but never actually meeting.Now that you’ve met, it’s like coming across someone that you’ve known before but haven’t seen for a very long time.Sometimes the lessons that you need to learn are not easy.These lessons from a past-life experience can be about: -Learning to let go of a lost love.While you talk, you look directly into each other’s eyes, and it doesn’t bother you in the very least.