Preselection in dating

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Preselection in dating

However, women may choose to try to attract mated men when they are particularly dissatisfied with their current relationships (Schmitt & Buss, 2001). And Some Women Are Not Attracted to Mated Men Mate choice copying is less common among women who have had more sex partners (Waynforth, 2007).

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Bressan and Stranieri (2008) found that women who already had partners of their own preferred mated men, but only when they were not fertile.

When the same women were in the fertile portion of their menstrual cycles, they preferred single men.

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Similarly, Uller and Johansson (2002) report that women found men who were wearing a wedding ring to be more attractive.

Attempts to lure men away from partners are perceived as less effective when men are in committed relationships (Schmitt and Buss, 2001).

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In other species, females prefer males who have been seen with other females or who have mated with other females (Uller and Johansson, 2002).

In humans, women tend to show a propensity to copy others’ mate choices, more than men do (Yorzinski and Platt, 2010).

Why are women like this attracted to men who are already in relationships?