Updating tomtom go 300

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Updating tomtom go 300 - updating an old motorcycle

Tom Tom's business has four business units: Consumer, Automotive, Licensing and Telematics, through which it sells and licences its technology and products.Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Amsterdam, Tom Tom was originally named Palmtop Software, founded by Peter-Frans Pauwels, Pieter Geelen, Harold Goddijn and Corinne Vigreux.

Tom Tom HOME version 2.0 and above is implemented on the XULRunner platform.

With version 2.2, Tom Tom HOME added a content-sharing platform where users can download and upload content to personalize their device such as voices, start-up images, POI sets, etc. Despite it being based on the cross-platform XULRunner, Tom Tom Home lacks support for Linux (and most probably it won't ever support, as the NAV2 devices are mostly legacy models by now).

It is for instance impossible to update the maps in these devices by connecting them to another machine running Linux, even when using a common web browser like Firefox that normally allowed such update when run under Microsoft Windows.

Each component can be integrated as a stand-alone product, or combined into the Connected Navigation System.

Tom Tom's licensing branch sells Tom Tom map, traffic and navigation software.

It also offers cloud-based products and platforms that allow developers access to create location-enabled applications for businesses and governments.

Licensing focuses on two types of customers: Tom Tom Telematics is the business-to-business division of Tom Tom and has been operating since 2005.The latest of these is the GO 9000 which provides telematics services in a portable unit the same size as the Tom Tom sat navs.Tom Tom units provide a flying interface with an oblique bird's-eye view of the road, as well as a direct-overhead map view.Their consumer activities are focused on the drive and sports categories; products include PNDs, GPS sports watches and smartphone navigation applications.Tom Tom's automotive business provides modular components (maps) and traffic and navigation software to car manufacturers and Tier 1 head unit vendors.Models are largely hardware-compatible, with different software; it has been reported that some users have been able to upgrade low-cost hardware with the software of more advanced models, for example providing a ONE XL or GO 510 with most of the functionality of a GO 940.