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Sure, the younger Filipino men are very handsome and many aspiring to careers or in college.

It’s a classic clash of East meets West so consider this a ‘heads up’ of sorts to you guys who plan to come here and start meeting all these lovely, beautiful Filipina women. there are a LOT of them...” I’ve lived in Southern California all my life. They’re both female, but the similarity ends there.Even so these jobs do not offer the long-term security that most foreigners take for granted such as social security, pensions or medical benefits for a family.Many of the males are also tied into the rural life, out in the provinces. I’ll repeat, there is nothing wrong in a woman wanting a mate/husband who is financially secure.His name is Denizen Kane…and he is definitely one of my role models. So, what’s up with this Filipino girls not going for Korean dudes thing? Are you frightened off by the light reflecting from our pasty skin? and he does it unintentionally; oblivious to the max. But overall women here in the Philippines still seek a steady family life of their own.

Statistically, a percentage have turned their back on the ‘old ways’ and are total man-sharks.

Now it’s quite possible that this phenomenon doesn’t happen often because proximity reasons. However, I was makin head way with one girl…later on I found out she was Vietnamese. Not there’s anything wrong with Vietnamese girls…I think they’re hot, but that wasn’t the target. Maybe, I have to morph into a cool, hipster, hip hop head that’s down for community causes in order to even possibly have the slightest of chance to meet a Filipino chick. You have to have worked at H&M and buy Nike dunks on a bi-monthly basis also!

But so are Filipino chicks…I see very few Korean dudes dating Filipino chicks. Someone who has competed on ABDC and made it past the first eliminations.

In my opinion () the result of soft Asian features, petite bodies combined with the Latin traits and passion all work together to result in many, many beautiful Filipinas. But here, you can’t walk a city block without seeing several of the most attractive women you’ve ever seen. Here most companies REQUIRE they wear short mini-skirts and look as neat and presentable as possible.

You will have your abundant choice between women who are ‘Cute’, ‘Lovely’, ‘Beautiful’ or a combination of all three.

And yes, It’s true that there are plenty of great looking women from L. “In California or any other major city like Dallas, New York, Miami, San Francisco, etc.