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You’ll just be a new addition in their rolodex, and being the broni or returnee, you’re prime real estate. – You saw her on Oxford Street (or one of these enclaves where expats hang out) in the middle of the day in her late-evening outfit. She doesn’t think being pretentious or rude as flirting.

We’re all shades of brown, and most often you’ll find several shades on just one person.It’ll bug you sooner or later, especially since her skincare habits are not going to change overnight because you’re in the picture. If you want something long term, know that in 5 years, she’ll have graying and blackening patches of skin and will look 15 years older than her age. She might even tell you about how she’s just left a relationship where she found out her ex was cheating on her. I don’t need to tell you that there are men (yes, MEN) paying for her to look as she does.Ghanaian women (at least, the ones you should avoid) have mastered and become accustomed to having men on rotation, AND they’re perfectly comfortable with it. Perchance you mistakenly take one of these floozies out and she orders something expensive but can’t eat it…she drops subtle hints about material things she likes…she talks about some project (often school) she’d like to pursue, but can’t because of money woes…she NEVER calls you, and when you call, the calls are brief due to “network issues,” but when you’re around her, she seems to get numerous calls from “friends.” (“he’s my friend,” she’ll say) DELETE her number! Can you find situations where you can get to know her without having to spend money for at least 3 weeks? Is she ok with some measure of physical contact in public (remember, if you’re on rotation, you can’t be seen as more than friend)? In my 30 months in Ghana, I’ve been unwittingly entreated to some very perplexing, intriguing, and often times bemusing attitudes about sex- or more specifically about the vagina. I don’t imagine I’ll get any feedback, so I’m simply using today as a white wall. I even know public/social personalities who sell theirs. I’ve known mother and daughter doing pastor…who often preaches violently against fornication. But let’s take a few steps back from this vagina-for-sale tangent before I lose track of what got me writing.

Some women are unabashed about how frank they are in how they see their vag- or more profoundly, how they view it in terms of its cash value. I can show you a woman in your “class” ready to sell her goodies.

– These last two are important: first, if you really want to date a Ghanaian, find a Ghanaian woman who has lived abroad (I’m not referring to the school-and-then-returned ones), or someone who lived here, but is now abroad with her mate (often married with kids) and have them be your filter.

They’ll be best at telling you what to avoid and what’s good.

Two weeks after moving into the city, I stopped looking. I’ll see another on the next block, on the stairs leading down to the subway, on the subway train, at every train stop, and many more before my final destination. There’s something really beautiful about brown skin. A short about skin tone: I attended this liberal arts college in the middle of Minnesota, which was naturally filled with closeted and reserved white Midwesterners.

They always waited till they were drunk (both men and women, although I only paid attention to the women) to tell me the nice things they were too shy to say sober about brown skin.

Honestly, I’d barely remember what I’d write 24 hours after it’s posted. Thankfully, I’m sure they won’t get through a line of that long essay.