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Some of the brightest lights giving intellectual support to the Book of Mormon come from the Old World, particularly the Arabian Peninsula, where dramatic finds have added new levels of credibility to the account in First Nephi.Glaring weaknesses have suddenly become strengths, including the impossibility of finding a "continually running" river (1 Nephi 2:9) in Arabia or an incredible place like Bountiful in a land rich in oil and sand but nothing like the verdant treasure of Nephi's account.

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For videos, the best and most recent is "Lehi in Arabia," directed by Chad Aston (Brisbane, Australia: Aston Productions, 2015) and "Journey of Faith," directed by Peter Johnson (Provo, UT: Neal A. Related video content includes George Potter and Richard Wellington giving a 2003 presentation on their work, Lehi in the "Wilderness: 81 New Evidences" (part 1).It was written by prophets anciently, preserved, and translated in our era by the power of God as a tool to bring souls to Christ.Intellectual evidence of Book of Mormon authenticity is an issue worthy of careful consideration.However, intellectual evidences on their own do not change lives and bring souls to Christ--that requires a spiritual witness through the power of the Holy Ghost.Nevertheless, intellectual evidences can be valuable in opening minds and strengthening one's spiritual testimony of the truth.However, don't blame the Church for any errors here: I write, ramble, and stumble on my own. Professionally, I have been in academia and corporate research and development, have many technical publications and patent, and have been active in IP and innovation strategy. Numerous Book of Mormon issues have been discussed there.

Also see The Mormon Interpreter, the Neal Maxwell Institute, Fair, and SHIELDS. Parts of this page are translated into Spanish: see Evidencias del Libro de Mormon by Marco Royo. I assume that you are already familiar with what the Book of Mormon is.

Also see Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6.

There are points one can take issue with, but the scope of their on-site work demands attention and serious consideration, especially for the candidate for the River Laman and the Valley Lemuel.

After a while, they traveled eastward (1 Nephi 17:1) until they reached a place they called Bountiful (1 Nephi 17:5) on the coast of the Arabian peninsula, described as rich, green garden spot with trees, abundant fruit, water, honey, and a mountain.

At this wonderful site they stayed at least long enough to construct a ship from the abundant timber.

Some of the most important resources on this topic were just published in 2015. Aston, Lehi and Sariah in Arabia: The Old World Setting of the Book of Mormon (Bloomington, IN: Xlibris Publishing, 2015), available for Kindle.

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