Dating turkish muslim girl

07-Jan-2020 21:13 by 2 Comments

Dating turkish muslim girl

We have a great relationship, he treats me well, we spend lots of time together, etc..We're in love, but there has been a few problems recently that are kind of throwing me off.

He claims that really they dont meet until there is an engagement ..

Your boyfriend is right, even though the family is OK with their son dating non-Turkish girls, meeting a Turkish family means a lot more than meeting an American family.

I wouldn't be worried about this, if you love him, be with him and don't think about this.

When the time is right, he'll introduce you to his parents and it'll be fine.

He's a smart guy for not introducing you to the parents too early because the way it works with Turkish families is that they make a big deal out of dating/relationships etc.

Him and I even discussed me meeting them before they even came, they know about me, and even met me via a Net Meeting video conversation with them, so its not that I think I'm some secret to them.

My boyfriend has even told me his parents want him to meet a nice American girl (stating a lot of Turkish girls are spoiled, self centered,etc) I even revamped his apartment with little house decor, cleaned it nice for his parents arrival since they were staying with him, and they really respected the fact that I did that.

Anytime if he want , he can introduce you to his parents.

And its good thing for them upon learning their sons relationship..

He should of at least introducded you to his parents , but I think you should sit down and ask him why he didnt and if he cant give you a straight answer then he's probably not the guy you thought he was ..

I am a Turkish guy living in the US and I dated a few white American girls here so I know quite a bit about your situation.

You need to dig it in,and communicate as much possible while you got the time now. Hi There, I cant believe that it has actually happened to you? I have now moved in with him and his family and they are great..