Crackle dating show

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Crackle dating show

"games from Capcom have sold over 9.1 million copies worldwide - and Metcalfe admitted that the poor quality of some game adaptations made "everybody more determined" not to mess this one up."There's definitely a lot of resistance from these video game franchises to do business with Hollywood," he said."Because what's the benefit for them?If we make a sub-par movie, it just hurts the franchise - and some of these video game franchises are billion-dollar franchises."There's a responsibility to the game, to the franchise, to Capcom.

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[Brands that have signed on for the Crackle-produced branded content spots as part of Break Free include Cadillac, Verizon, Microsoft, Arby's, Infiniti and Sprint.] Are you looking to expand those branded content offerings this year? So whether it's a high-energy comedy like Super Mansion, or Snatch, which is constantly moving—there's crime elements with action and comedy mixed in that moves at a very fast pace—that really connects with the audience.So while Seinfeld's show remains Crackle's best-known title, it's no longer its most popular one.Here's the rest of Adweek's conversation with Berger, who laid out Crackle's vision for 2017—one that no longer includes Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: The streaming world has changed so much in the past year. The first thing is, we're really focused on our consumer and our platforms.And with that is a piece of [branded] content that we custom create, that's a little bit of a show in a show.That enhances the viewing experience for the consumer. What is your audience looking for in a scripted series, and how does your upcoming series Snatch help satisfy that?We have more data and direct contact with customers than ever before, and game consoles are a big piece of that.

So really understanding that our market is about mature millennials who are gamers and stream to relax, and use other connected TV [devices] in the living room as well.

It's really long-form and watching longer: rolling from episode to episode through binge or movie to movie. Mobile is a gateway, a remote control and fills in the blanks.

Hulu says that 70 percent of its viewing now occurs via a connected TV device. For some people, it might be the main viewing device, but people will migrate to the largest screen they have access to, particularly for long-form content. People always want it to be the equivalent of ratings, or how many streams did you get, but for us, it is more than that.

Crackle faces a future without its most well-known series—in which Seinfeld chats and drives around with his favorite comedians—and online speculation that the streamer might not be able to continue without it.

Crackle general manager Eric Berger allayed those fears in his first comments since the Netflix deal was announced.

"We have a development slate that we feel can rival any ad-supported network." Berger echoed those comments during a lengthy interview with Adweek just a few days before the Netflix news was announced.

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