Advice on gifts for teen girls and dating

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I’m assuming that your child or teenager is a classic transkid.

To address this overly broad definition, we use the term “transkid” in the latter, much more narrow, sense.

As an adoptive and foster parent myself, please allow me to express that you have my most sincere empathy. Raising children is both a privilege and sacred trust.

You are entrusted with the well-being and responsibility to support another human being as they become an adult who will stand on their own.

I served as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for an Ft M transkid in foster care who is now an adult.

I’m currently on the board of directors of a local LGBT youth center that is very T friendly.

Recently, it has become trendy to identify as “transgender” among many teenagers who wish to be part of what they consider to be a “cool” community.

It refers to behavior and those people who exhibit them that does not fit our culturally defined typical behaviors for a given sex/gender.Again, it is important to note that most children who are gender atypical and less than 10 years old will be transkids, but most likely gay or lesbian instead.To put this into numbers: 3% of adult men are exclusively gay and 1% of adult women are exclusively lesbian, most of them were somewhat gender atypical as young children, while only 0.001% of teenagers and adults are (former) transkids.Many, perhaps most, “tomboys” and “sissies” do grow out of it around seven to ten years old.Most gender atypical children, especially “sissy boys” will grow up to be gay, not transsexual, accepting their gender of birth.Tomboyish girls may grow up to be lesbian but most will be straight, given that perhaps a third of girls are labeled “tomboys” as children.

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