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There is also the option to view the DVD on a computer and stream the first two episodes of the second seasons of fellow Showtime shows, Dexter and The Tudors, as well as three episodes of Penn and Teller's Bullshit online.

Moody’s relationship with Becca is one that offers a glimpse of the loving and mostly responsible father he still is even while his own life is off track.

Episode after episode seems to reinforce Moody’s womanizing and self-destruction, and his constantly inappropriate behavior towards his ex, usually in front of Becca and Karen’s fiancé, Bill, creates a repetitive and heavy-handed portrayal.

The bonus features are disappointing to say the least, in that they are limited to biographies of the main cast, and what amounts to a commercial for a vacation package sweepstakes.

, which kicks off its final season Sunday at /c on Showtime.

But knowing what to expect didn't necessarily make it any easier to leave the show behind.

Details about Mc Elhane’s role are not being revealed, but I hear her character is described as the visionary British CEO of the company behind the mission to Mars.

“What I so admire about Natascha’s work is the fearlessness and honesty she brings to every role,” said Willimon.Spending seven or nine years with people is a significant chunk of your life; it's not something to downplay. It's cliché to say it's a family, but coming back year after year with the same people, there's a lot of sadness in moving on from that."For seven seasons on , Duchovny has played Hank Moody, a writer and lovable hedonist who seems incapable of growing up enough to win back his first love Karen (Natascha Mc Elhone).And even though he went into this season knowing it would be the last, Duchovny said his approach to playing Hank has never changed."The guy has remained essentially the same person, so the stakes have always been what I signed on to do in the beginning," Duchovny says.Moody is a boozy, womanizing, self-described "one hit wonder" writer.He wrote a book titled "Why God Hates Us" that was made into a popular romantic comedy, "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" and his resentment and anger toward the film's director coupled with his disenchantment with Los Angeles make for a protagonist who is not only narcissistic, but equally self-loathing.As he becomes entangled in his own questionable behavior, he offers Moody camaraderie and validation, but he also shines a spotlight on Moody's own problematic life choices.

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