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And I believe this will change how we think about computing and the Internet." As you note, this isn't new. Your comments made me think of Joel Reidenberg's law class exercise involving the compilation of a 15 page dossier of public information on Justice Scalia in response to his dismissive comments about privacy protections for information on the Internet.This was previously discussed here at Googling Justice Scalia.

third- or fourth-hand) or are instances of harassment that, in fact, have nothing to do with Gamer Gate, but are asserted to be part of it by its detractors.

Fortunately I had some resources that enabled me to identify the perp and deal with the problem, but even so before it was over I had to change my phone number and deal with some unpleasant confrontations online.

I don't agree with David Brin, who thinks that we should accept that privacy is dead.

And I believe this will change how we think about computing and the Internet. • January 2, 2015 AM Is there a way to grasp the magnitude of the problem already, a % of people who have been silenced this way?

This essay previously appeared on Beta Boston, who asked about a trend for 2015. Tags: anonymity, de-anonymization, games, privacy Posted on January 2, 2015 at AM • 78 Comments • January 2, 2015 AM Often, the term also extends to connecting an online pseudonym (and thus statements made with it) to the user's real identity (with just the name, or the name plus enough information to disambiguate from other people with the same name, such as a photo, general location, facebook page, or employer's name), without anything like an address or phone number included. (Might need to distinguish between silencing in a public forum, and in "private" like email) Where is the discussion happening about how, as a society, we deal with it? ) • January 2, 2015 AM @Bruce "Everyone from common individuals to corporate executives to government leaders now fears this will happen to them. The increased threat might change the way we think but will it result in meaningful protections or significant changes in behavior?

It should likewise be noted that while several female celebrities were perhaps the highest-profile instances of doxing, the vast majority of the doxing - and other threats - are being wielded against Gamer Gate supporters by anti-Gamer Gate supporters; apparently, horrible things aren't horrible so long as they're done against "the bad people." That's nothing new, of course.

Many people will say, with no cognitive dissonance, things like "murder is awful; all killers should be put to death instantly, with no appeals," but it still makes me leery that the people who proudly trumpet such statements with regards to Gamer Gate supporters can then claim to be the guardians of society's morals.

• January 2, 2015 AM @Random832:"Do people have a right to anonymous speech?

" The 1st Amendment is vague, and you should be a Constitutional Law geek to know bounds of your free speech before you actually use it in some cases.

• January 2, 2015 AM The problem is the people protecting the sort of information people wouldn't want to be made publically available don't seem to be the sort of people to have a clue what they are doing!

Check out this thread where a poster asks for SSL/TLS support and gets shouted down... 831-SSL-TLS-Support • January 2, 2015 AM //In 2013, several women were doxed by male gamers trying to intimidate them into keeping silent about sexism in computer games.// Oh please. This is another one of those 'it depends...' moments.

• January 2, 2015 PM Doxing has been around since before 2001.

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