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20 years later, he has ascended to the ICA's Board of Directors.Unfortunately, Soders' gambling habits coupled with a rare health condition have led him to become a mole for Providence in order to receive the expensive surgery needed to save his life.

We asked you for your favourite song suggestions to compile our annual list of Smooth's All Time Top 500 Songs. ) and we played out the Top 500 over the Easter weekend.

47 must fulfill the contract without dying in the mission itself; if he does, the mission is considered to be a failure and there is no restarting.

A veteran of the Invasion of Grenada in 1983 and accused of several friendly-fire incidents that have been suppressed from the public record.

The Beatles, Elvis, Elton John, Michael Jackson and ABBA featured heavily in the chart with a whopping 17 Beatles songs featuring in total.

There were 86 new entries including Adele's 'Hello', Sam Smith's 'Lay Me Down' and John Legend's 'All Of Me'.

A gynophobic and travelphobic stem-cell researcher, Silvio Caruso never leaves his villa and suffers from crippling depression due to his mother's death.

Despite this and perhaps because of it, he's developed a singularly devastating biological weapon for Ether Biotech Corporation.

Troutt is in Sapienza meeting Silvio Caruso, as a part of a tour of European power brokers and moneymen in anticipation of a 2024 Presidential Bid.

A multi-platinum media sensation that is the subject of an international manhunt, following his involvement in a multiple homicide three years ago.

Sean Rose is an Australian terrorist mastermind who is leading a multi-ethnic left-wing terrorist group in Colorado.

A former eco-terrorist and bomb-maker, he suffers severe OCD and bullies his subordinates.

A Swedish bank CEO whose massive investment fraud has stolen 7 billion dollars from the savings of the Moroccan people.