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Finally, all the Govt officials were more than impressed, and VW will apply for tenders next year.The Syncro will be available in either single or twin-cab pickup, Kombi or Caravelle.

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What wasn’t familiar, after driving the L300, Tarago and Mazda Traveller in recent weeks, was the relative austerity of the VW; no twin sunroofs, no twin air-conditioning, no cooler box, no mega sound system, no power steering, no electric mirrors or windows.

The basic 4x4 system is very simple, easy to service and is weight saving.

Volkswagenwerk have used a version of the Fergusson fluid coupling system, manufactured and installed by the Austrian firm of Steyr Daimler Puch who have also produced the Haflinger and Pinzgauer vehicles.

There’s an eerie feeling when you do reach a crest, not knowing whether to hit the brakes or keep going.

The centre of gravity is rather high, and so was my anxiety.

Power is now 70k W, up from 63, and torque is 160Nm, up from 140; proof that VW’s German engineers have been hard at work to make worthwhile improvements to the motor.

Otherwise the Caravelle test vehicle was very familiar, with comfortable seating for seven – including armrests to prevent driver and passenger moving around – good luggage space, and the familiar walk-through area between the front seats.

Forget the bells-and-whistles approach of most Japanese family vans.

When you get down to engines and suspensions, the VW is still the pacesetter, despite the best efforts of the Toyota Tarago and the latest Mitsubishi L300.

The Kombi has been around since before people-movers got the name, or became a cult, but the big German remains the one that started it all.

And the one which, dynamically, still sets the pace.

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