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We got on fine and once we had had a few drinks the conversation flowed and we had a good evening.J is not a big drinker but when she goes to her head and she ‘comes out of her shell’.

The doctors practice is large with around 15 doctors and the support staff amounts to around forty or so people.

Carol made a skitty remark about Pete being up to his old tricks and explained that after a few drinks he turned into an octopus and had his hands everywhere, she even went as far as to apologise to me.

I explained to Carol that J was obviously ok with the attention and laughed it off as a drink fuelled antic.

I could not help but to keep manipulating Carol in a way that I could always see what J and Pete were doing.

It was during the last of the slow songs that I felt myself getting very erect at the sight of my wife having her arse squeezed by a virtual stranger and I wanted it to last even longer than it actually did.

Carol was quite open that she had ignored Pete’s ways for many years because she realised that she was very turned on by his antics and had watched many times, often from a distance, Pete getting intimate with other mens wives and girlfriends.

Carol described him as a predator and that I should be aware that every time he went to get drinks he was probably buying J doubles to enable his predatory ways to succeed.The fast songs started up again and we went to sit down, soon followed by J and Pete, this time Pete sat directly next to J and rested his hand on her thigh.Carol and I were sat opposite and it became a game where Carol would whisper to me that I should watch what Pete would do next and she suggested that his hand would slowly move further up J’s leg , sure enough and very slowly his hand edged up her thigh and took the edge of her skirt with it and J seemed oblivious to his motives.Carol then asked J if she could take me for another dance and on J’s approval Carol grabbed my hand and to the dance floor.The record was slow and Carol came in close to me and asked me to give her a running commentary of what Pete was doing while we were dancing, she was obviously enjoying the thrill as much as I was.Carol relayed a couple of quick stories that told me that dear old Pete was a real lothario.