Vietnam teens sex

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Vietnam teens sex

Vietnamese is the official language of the country.

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While 97.1% of female sex workers (FSW) reported using condoms with their most recent clients, While HIV/AIDS remain an epidemic only within the high-risk groups, women in the general population may be more exposed to the risk of contracting HIV than reported.In recent years the government has performed an about turn and is encouraging overseas Hoa to return and invest, but the ethnic Chinese population has been in continuous decline since the 1970s due to assimilation and low birth rates.The central highland peoples commonly termed Degar or Montagnards (mountain people) comprise two main ethnolinguistic groups--Malayo-Polynesian and Mon–Khmer.Vietnamese was spoken by 85-90 million people in Vietnam at the 1999 census.In the early 21st century, around another four million Vietnamese speakers are found outside of Vietnam.Originating in northern Vietnam, the Vietnamese people pushed southward over two millennia to occupy the entire eastern seacoast of the Indochinese Peninsula.

Ethnic Vietnamese, or Viet (known officially as Kinh), live in the lowlands and speak the Vietnamese language.

Thus Vietnamese is the most spoken language of the Austroasiatic family, being spoken by three times more people than the second most spoken language of the family, Khmer.

Both languages, however, are extremely different: Vietnamese is a tonal, monosyllabic, phonetic language while Khmer has remained non-tonal.

The ethnic Vietnamese inhabit a little less than half of Vietnam, while the ethnic minorities inhabit the majority of Vietnam's land (albeit the least fertile parts of the country).

The Khmer Krom are found in the delta of the Mekong River, in the south of Vietnam, where they form in many areas the majority of the rural population.

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