Bginfo not updating desktop

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Changing the data that is displayed on the screen is easy enough, as the editor panel is just like any other rich text editor.You can add fields from the pane on the right, tweak the display of the data, etc.

You can use the Position button to change where on the screen the data will show up, and tweak a few other variables if necessary.

For example, if you want to grab the build number of Windows to use as a data point on the desktop, you would click the Registry value and then paste in the full path to a registry key in the Path field.

(If you are running 64-bit Windows you would want to check the 64-bit registry view box or your lookup will be redirected to the 32-bit compatibility section of the registry.) The Identifier would then show up in the Fields list, and you can select it to insert into the rich text editor.

If you have ever done system administration, you probably have the problem where you connect to so many servers that you have no idea which computer you are connected to half the time.

BGInfo is a great utility that lets you display useful system information right on the desktop. If you’ve been following along with our series, you might be surprised at the huge departure from hunting malware and deleting crapware to displaying stuff on the desktop, but the Sys Internals tools aren’t just about finding things to kill.

The important switches for our purposes are the /TIMER:0 switch, which sets the timeout before it applies to zero, the /SILENT switch which keeps everything quiet, and the /NOLICPROMPT switch, which skips the EULA dialog.

the /POPUP switch and the /TASKBAR switch will stick BGInfo into your system tray and pop up a dialog with system information whenever you click on it, which is definitely a very useful option.

Once you’ve tweaked and created your configuration (more on that below), you can just save it out to a configuration file to load again any time you need it.

Next you’ll need to make sure that BGInfo updates the information on a somewhat regular basis.

The Background dialog lets you change the wallpaper behind the image if necessary.

For best results, you’d want to use the “Copy user’s wallpaper settings” the first time, and then change to the “Use these settings” to specifically select one if necessary.

Using BGInfo is very simple: open it and click the Apply button, and your desktop will have a ton of system information plastered all over it right away.

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