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Naija dating for man hotmail com - animal lovers dating

” I tried to keep a straight face pretending to chuckle at what I was reading but really, I was just rather excited to hear this hot debate between two thirty-something year old men from Zed. “In fact, I don’t think having Nigerian in-laws is even attractive iweh! ” I listened on as Nigerian men were described as being extremely arrogant, pompous and full of themselves.Apparently, all they do is ama ‘419’, counterfeit this and counterfeit that, obtain cash via dubious means and then use that cash to look as though they are a Prince or some rich subject from Nigeria that they earned the money legitimately whilst doing an honest day’s work.

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They are pushed beyond all boundaries in order to get what they need to be able to get what they want in order to succeed in life. Okay, we’ve all heard about their alleged global fraudulent financial activities but this could be a standard common denominator forming a constant cycle for cause and effect in the survival stakes and everyday life.

It was true that Nigerians as a whole are a very industrious nation and due to the massive population, the will to survive, succeed and stand up and be counted is far greater where everyone is struggling to survive; individuals are pushed that much farther to succeed, make a difference and shine.

It’s almost as though they are born hungry for success and never give up.

There followed an uncomfortable silence between the two men as reality unfolded denoting that it was actually the population that was having a resounding effect on most African women across the globe and not just Zambia.

When I got home, I was troubled about this episode and re-ran it in my head.

The results speak for themselves and I believe this plays a major part when men from other countries (namely Nigeria) encounter a well-trained Zambian woman who can perform ‘little miracles’ and still remain submissive and respect her husband.

(You’d have to be a really crazy man not to hold onto that!They really use it to entice Zambian woman and flash the cash that they can pay for all her needs and her family’s needs.They like to target Zed women cos men from Zed don’t flash their money like that and are more careful when spending it so anyway, their women are not really exposed to so much money like Nigerian women.They fall for the charms of Nigerian man easily and get carried away, ati they fall in love when in fact all they really fall in love with is the idea of being associated with that rich Nigerian man with all that money!I then heard how Zed women were not as enterprising as their Nigerian counterparts and don’t bother to pursue a good education so that they can prosper and get their own money.I listened on as one man suggested that Nigerian women are not as domesticated when it comes to housework; then the other man interjected that Nigerian women can’t even reach the bedroom standards of Zambian women as he had been lucky enough to ‘sample’ but was rather disappointed as to how distasteful it was due to the lack of flavour!

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