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The set underwent a major refurbishment with hairline cracks, particularly under ferrules, in several pieces. Very few are visible except in one or two places where the browner shade of ebony couldn't be perfectly matched on the bead. The chanter is an old Hardie fitted with the original engraved silver sole.

The blowstick stock and chanter stock were cracked and required some invisible whipping.

This is a classic James Robertson set made in Edinburgh, most likely in the years around 1940. Again, none of these is visible without very careful examination. He is the most consistent pipemaker I know of tonally.

The set was in excellent shape, needing only the finish polished, the tuning chambers reamed slightly to even them out, and one hairline under the blowstick stock ferrule invisible whipped. Every single set sounds the same: full, bassy, rich and steady.

Another of these sets was sold on the site recently, though a later model.

- Back around 2008 I acquired a circa 1870s J&R Glen bagpipe in cocuswood with ivory mounts.

As with any 125-year-old ebony, there were a couple of hairline cracks.

I take no chances and have all of these filled or whipped, whether they look threatening or not. The two tenor stocks are quite noticeably different lengths.The blowstick was broken beyond repair and was replaced with a poly-lined blackwood blowstick.Some readers might be familiar with the late John Kidd, an American whose knowledge of acoustics and skill at wooodworking led to his being in demand by pipers to make adjustments to their pipes to improve their tone and steadiness. These Robertsons were purchased new sometime around 1960. This set was owned by a gentleman whose wife owned a set of Robertsons as well with the same silver pattern. At some point it's possible that one or two of the stocks got switched around.The pipes were extremely well crafted, and this model was the standard configuration: plain Sterling silver ferrules and artificial ivory projecting mounts and ring caps. This set is in virtually pristine condition, except for one rice-grain sized chip on one projecting mount.This would be an excellent work-a-day set for a young competitive player, or an attractive, easy-to-reed and trouble-free pipe for a learner of any age.If anyone can tell me what this refers to I would be happy to hear from you!

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