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In the House last Thursday, the associate finance minister referred to low-paying, insecure, precarious jobs as “contemporary mobile employment.” That’s the new Liberal word for precarious work.

When you read through the budget, you can’t help but see what’s missing from this Liberal document.We have so much potential to build the future that we want to share, and yet that’s not where this government is taking us.The truth is that for most people, life is getting tougher and life is getting harder. Seniors are still waiting hundreds of days for the home care that they need and years and years on end for the long-term care that they need.LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY OF ONTARIO ASSEMBLÉE LÉGISLATIVE DE L’ONTARIO Wednesday 9 March 2016 Mercredi 9 mars 2016 Orders of the Day 2016 Ontario budget / Budget de l’Ontario de 2016 Introduction of Visitors Lorne Maeck Oral Questions Correctional facilities Health care funding Ontario Drug Benefit Program Northern health services Electoral reform Collective bargaining Ontario Retirement Pension Plan Collective bargaining Mining industry Ontario film and television industry Municipalities Aboriginal health care Seniors Animal protection Visitors Deferred Votes Time allocation Members’ Statements Nipissing Serenity Hospice Speaker’s Book Award Dancing Damsels Police Services Hero of the Year Award Canadian Motor Speedway Danny the Barber Health care funding Digital media Student assistance Introduction of Bills 828117 Ontario Limited Act, 2016 Petitions Hydro rates Ontario Drug Benefit Program Special-needs students Éducation postsecondaire en français Health care funding Health care Rail service Ontario Northland Transportation Commission Health care funding Lung health Health care funding Public transit Driver licences Orders of the Day Jobs for Today and Tomorrow Act (Budget Measures), 2016 / Loi de 2016 favorisant la création d’emplois pour aujourd’hui et demain (mesures budgétaires) Climate Change Mitigation and Low-carbon Economy Act, 2016 / Loi de 2016 sur l’atténuation du changement climatique et une économie sobre en carbone The House met at 0900. They see a Premier who at every turn, Speaker, seems more and more preoccupied with the well-being and success of the Liberal Party than she is with the well-being and success of Ontario families, children and seniors. Increasingly, people are telling me about their disappointment in this Premier; increasingly, people are asking what happened to the change that she promised; and, increasingly, people are questioning this Premier’s priorities.Are we really going to accept that the government and the Premier should only work for some people and not for all Ontarians?

And are we really going to stand by and watch as inequality grows, the gaps get wider and more and more people fall through the cracks?Are we going to let that happen in Ontario, or will we put the government to work to tackle inequality and inequity?Will we focus on lifting people up, not cutting down the supports that communities need?A government should get the basics right, like good schools, to ensure that every classroom has the right supports for students.That’s something parents should be able to trust their governments to do.When you talk to northerners, Speaker, they’re ready to bolt.

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