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Her parents' home was splattered with ketchup, chocolate syrup and eggs.But this vandalism of her home was a different level of harassment.

She doesn't take any of it lightly, especially since the message she got last spring: "I know where you live and I'm gonna kill your fucking cat." Soon afterward, her cat Sebastian disappeared."It's scary," says Kiki, her words muffled by her braces.

"I met a guy who said, ' I talked to a fake of yours online for two years, and I thought I was talking to you! In person, she's striking — with angular cheekbones, plump lips and enormous almond-shaped blue eyes, which she enhances to superhuman size with false lashes and liquid liner.

If you're among those who have logged more than 2 million views on Kiki's live-video stream on, you've encountered those eyes, gazing out of your computer, creating an unnervingly intimate connection while Kiki, the epitome of modern oversharing, blathers on about her favorite song, her menstrual cycle or whatever stray thought noodles through her mind.

She wondered if this would go down as the strangest day of her young life. Kiki was hurtling into a twisted online realm, populated not just with trash-talking teens but also with stalkers, hackers, predators and profiteers.

She didn't realize the Web can be a portal for people's cruelest impulses, or that it allows those forces to assemble into a mob.

Despite that morning's shock, she had to run: She was late for the first of two appointments, which summed up her life.

The first was a modeling gig at a local hair salon, for which Kiki was dolled up in a pink tube top, skinny jeans and heels, her makeup now a tragic ruin.Seated at a cafe near her current home outside Orlando — she prefers I don't reveal the precise location — she's stick-thin in a black minidress, a heavy quartz-skull necklace and a skull ring; despite her tough-girl accessories, she comes across as tentative and frail, hugging her studded purse for comfort."I never thought I would run into these types of people," she says.A stylish wisp of a girl who adored punky "scene kid" fashion, Kiki began filling her My Space page with pouty photos of herself in heavy makeup and cropped tops, adopting a persona as brash and outrageous as the real Kirsten was awkward and insecure.She named her creation "Kiki Kannibal," and her new and improved online self swiftly became an Internet celebrity."I had this idea of Florida as this paradise," says mom Cathy, a forthright Midwesterner.

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