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Start Over ", "no Results Package Step Two":"Sorry, there are no results to add to your package that will fit your selected and vehicle combination.Academy Canada is Newfoundland and Labrador’s largest independent career college and and the province’s only nationally accredited CCAP (Career College Accreditation Program) school.

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His actions even raised serious questions in the House of Commons about who was actually running a penitentiary in Laval while he served time there in 1995.During an RCMP investigation dubbed Project Jaggy the Mounties followed Desjardins closely as he appeared to be the key person connecting leaders in the Hells Angels and the Montreal Mafia as they arranged to smuggle large quantities of the drug together.In the investigation Desjardins was seen holding meetings with powerful Hells Angels like Maurice (Mom) Boucher and was in frequent contact with Mob boss Vito Rizzuto.Please call ahead to confirm." }" data-config=""Showing Products for ", "ask Assist":"We're sorry, there are no results for . Contact our local Canadian Tire parts counter and we can assist you.", "showing Product Etires":"Showing Products for : ", "no Results Etires With Vehicle":"Sorry, there are no results for : .Please refine your filter selections, select a different vehicle, or select Show All ", "showing Etires Size":"Showing Tires for My Tire Size", "no Results Package Step One":"Sorry, there are no results to add to your package that will fit your selected vehicle.Correctional Service Canada will no doubt be keeping a close eye on Raynald Desjardins as he heads back for his second stint inside a federal penitentiary.

His first sentence, a 15-year prison term that he began serving in 1994, involved incidents that have become legend in organized crime circles.

The narcotic was sealed in plastic pipes and the plan called for the smugglers to toss it overboard just before they would dock in Canada.

The plan failed miserably as the Fortune Endeavour ran into trouble shortly after it entered Canadian waters, in August 1993, and its captain had to ask for help from the Canadian Coast Guard unit based in Halifax.

In November 1973, police took note of how Desjardins, barely 20 years old at the time, served as Di Maulo’s driver when the Mafioso travelled from Montreal to New York to take part in an important meeting with the heads of a Mafia clan based in Brooklyn.

During the summer of 1993, the first shipment probed in Project Jaggy — 750 kilograms of cocaine — was placed on a fishing vessel called the Fortune Endeavour in Venezuela.

Desjardins was never charged for the severe beating Fisher received in April 1995, but Corrections Service Canada had information the conflict involved Desjardins’ refusal to allow him to bring drugs into the wing.